We are the developers of smartBCH side chain. Although our main mission is to develop the full-node client of smartBCH, we also would like to contribute some useful utilities to its ecosystem. So we created the DApp for blockchain cheques and this site.

Why do we design such a DApp? Because we believe some features of paper checks can be borrowed to enrich the methods for airdropping. First of all, it is a Notification Center of airdrops. There are so many SEP20 tokens, and when somebody send you an unknown token, you are not even aware of that! However, if all the airdropped tokens are sent through cheques, you can find them all here.

Second, cheques have deadlines. The payees must accept the cheques before the deadline, or the cheques can be revoked by the payer. If the payees are not interested, the payer can take back the tokens in expired cheques. Thus, no tokens are wasted.

Last but not least, cheques enables more communications. A tag with clear text (non-encrypted) can be attached to a cheque, explaining the reason of airdrop. If the payee’s wallet support encryption (currently only MetaMask browser extension supports it), you can also send memos to her. Unlike tags, memos have no length limit, and can be encrypted for privacy. Using memos, you can guide a payee to try some DApps for further airdrop.

You can also require the payee to enter a predefined secret tag when accepting a cheque. To figure out what the secret tag is, the payee must follow the memo’s guide, reading some document, receiving some e-mail, or chatting with some telegram robot. Thus you can buy the payee’s attention with some tokens.

Promote an airdrop tool by using it

We would like to invite a lot people to use blockchain cheques on smartBCH. The means to do it, as you can guess, is airdropping some coins to the people, through blockchain cheques.

The first question is which token will be used in the airdrop? Well, currently, $CATS is the most pure and promising airdrop token on smartBCH. It is “pure” because it is just used for airdropping and tipping. Besides that, it has no particular meaning. It is promising because it has a vivid community now. So we decided to use it for the first stage of promotion. In the future, we welcome other tokens joining the promotion of blockchain cheques.

The second question is who will get the airdropped $CATS? Since smartBCH is still young, we want to invite the active users of the other EVM-compatible chains to use smartBCH. We will analyze the recent transactions of Ethereum, BSC, Polygon(Matic), Fantom and other chains to figure out the active accounts.

How to define “active”? That’s another question we need to anwser. There are a lot of details to be decided, for example, how much each account can get. Now we just start with a big picture. You can find the details later on this site.

We need your help

If you have some $CATS token, please donate some to this airdrop event. All the donated tokens will be used in this event. We the developers will not take any of them.

If you have some good ideas for this event, please let us know through the smartBCH channel.