welcomes EVM users to try out smartBCH! is an airdrop tool for smartBCH, a sidechain of Bitcoin Cash with EVM&Web3 compatibility. To incentive EVM users to add smartBCH network to their web3 wallet such as MetaMask, free tokens will be airdropped through

So the checkbook development team picked about 5 million active accounts of Ethereum and BSC, according to their transaction logs in the past six months. Each account will be airdropped with a $CATS check with about $5 value. Please go to to find out whether your account is in them! This page will also guide you to switch to smartBCH network in your wallet.

The $CATS coins used in this airdrop event is donated by the BCH community. Currently there are about 50 million $CATS ready, which are not enough for every picked account to get their check. If these coins are used out, the airdrop will pause, until further coins are donated in. Here is the link for donation.

We hope you have a good journey on smartBCH and find out the checkbook dapp is a useful tool!